Isolation Happenings so far.

With isolation underway, I have kept myself busy doing all sorts of things.

I have made Sweet Chilli Sauce, BBQ Sauce,  Pineapple Jam, Citreon Tea, Marmalade, Plum Jam, Jam Drops, Rock Cakes, Lemon Cookies, and some Cupcakes.  Not much room left in the freezer.

I also crocheted a mask last night, it is one with a slot to place a piece of cotton, flannel or whatever cotton in and change as required.  Very comfortable being crocheted with cotton yarn.  I finished two crochet blankets, and have another one almost there, just putting a fringe around the border.

The garden is also coming along.  I have a couple of chilli plants, ginger, chives, pumpkin and coriander all coming along nicely.  I think I have a possum, maybe, well, someone took two pumpkin seedlings away the other night.  If it happens again, I will drag out the gel gun !!!  I hope whatever it is, is listening !!!!

I have been having food delivered, and have my daughter and son in law, who help out regularly.  Thank you so much !

I believe our way of life is changing forever.  It is wonderful to see how many people are using the local outlets, for fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, seedlings.  There are all sorts of wonderful things being done and without this crisis, we may never have learned about them.  Some good is coming out of it already.  One Day Closer to Rain is a group set up to assist with drought affected families, well, it is still going and now needs our help more than ever.  There are loads of people advertising on places like Marketplace, have a look and see if you can use their products.  Also, there are many companies who now offer home delivery of their products.  We have to support them if we want them to survive.

Happy Easter everyone, be kind to each other, take care and stay safe !

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