Together we can change the future for Men with Prostate Cancer.

Please give today to the Prostate Cancer Fundraiser

As we are all getting older, it seems to be more and more of the men in our lives, our friends and family, our loved ones, are entering this group.  We need to help raise funds for more research and a remedy for an early solution to stop this disease in its tracks !  Australia has the highest rate of Prostate Cancer in the world today. These loved people are our dads, our mates, our brothers, our sons, this is a brutal disease.

All men need to get serious, have a PSA test.  Postrate cancer is not detected by any lump or the like.  Be aware, in some cases, PSA levels show as normal! So, if you have any indicators, or suspect that something is just not right, check with your doctor, if you are not happy and still feel that there is a problem, get another opinion, have a biopsy, have a MRI of the prostate, this is primarily used to evaluate prostate cancer and determine if the cancer is confined to the prostate, or if it has spread outside of the prostate gland. Occasionally, MRI of the prostate is used to evaluate other prostate problems, including: infection (prostatitis) or prostate abscess.It just could save your life! (from

For the sake of all the men in your life, this Christmas please give a gift that will fund life-saving research and change the future for men with prostate cancer.


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