Today our Dad would have been 104, Happy Birthday Dad !

Unfortunately we lost him many years ago.  He was a good man who didn’t want any fuss.  He loved nothing more than to be with his children, grand children and great grandchildren. He was a keen and very successful gardener and was continually trading his produce with other keen gardeners in the town.  He was always busy, he mowed gardens all over our little town, while working hard at his day job.  I remember hearing his vehicle coming down the rails, indicating that it was home time, the kitchen table would be laid, hot tea on the table with whatever beautiful sweets Mum had made, all in preparation for Dad’s stopover, before heading out to do some gardening or mowing.  His garden was his pride and joy, and loaded with enough vegetables to feed the whole town. He was a real homebody, who was super content to stay at home and let the others do any travelling or visiting.


We are so lucky to have such a great Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, we all remember him so fondly and miss him very much.  He would have been so tickled to see where we have all landed and to have met all of the offspring.  Miss you Dad !

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