Just love a road trip.

Contract is done and dusted, time for a break.

The US is a place you need to visit several times, there is just so much to see, and it cannot be seen in just one visit. When we last visited, we did a road trip from LA to Las Vegas NV, through Grand Junction then on to Denver, where we visited family. Out of Denver, we went to Colorado Springs, where we were to attend a concert, but it had been cancelled, not that they had notified us !!!!!! so, off we went then to Pikes Peak, wow that is really high! We then drove to Roswell NM, to attend the UFO Festival. We spent 4th July in Las Vegas NM, it was awesome! We did a trip to Wyoming.  Then headed back to LA through Las Vegas again. So this time, another road trip, we plan to travel an alternate route to Denver via Page, and Durango, will spend some time with family again, then we will go South to Santa Fe, over Route 66 through Kingman, then to San Diego, Los Angeles and back to Las Vegas. Super exciting, I will upload some posts and pics along the way. Posts MAY be a little ad hoc, but I certainly will post when I can.


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