The Intricate Webs that we weave


What began as a three month contract has ended in three consecutive contracts and two years of work. The work has been plenty and varied.  I have held several positions but my most recent was Project Officer working with the Finance group, designing and developing a new data base for storage of all relevant data.  What a blast it has been.  It is amazing how when you look at a system, you really only see a fraction of what information is actually held there.  It is so nice to be able to just hunt down the information that you require at any one time, with the press of a few buttons, but wow, it is a real work of art.  When preparing the data for the merge and upload, all information has to be precise and exact, with no extra spaces or a lower case here when it should be an Upper case. The upload is an intricate network (web) of information that must be identical throughout the whole of upload.

With my specialties in Administration, Data, Finance, IT, Retail and Office Management, this has been a special project that has been loads of fun and experiments. There is a light at the end of the very long tunnel and unfortunately, I will have to watch it to fruition from afar. That is exciting, the prep is all done and it will be exciting to receive information on how it works out.  I am super positive that all things will be fine, there will be some teething problems, as per every new program, but I think they will be minimal.  Good luck with it all Guys !

I am looking at doing some Virtual Assistant work in the near future, after an overseas holiday, but will keep you posted on when it is set up. My plan is to have a couple of VA’s available to undertake work as it comes across our home desks.  It is definitely the way of the future.  I get it, some people don’t know how to slow down !!

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