What’s next ???

Game of Thrones done and dusted, what is next on the agenda ?  Well, yes, we are onto the next big thing, started watching Heartland, a Canadian Series.   A series that is good, clean, and might even be politically correct.  And has us hooked.

Not a lot of other things happening, still very warm in this part of the country.  Though, I must say we did get close to 20 deg for a few minutes the other day.  All of the markets and things have started up again for the dry season.  We went to the Fred’s Pass Show the other weekend.  It was a great, country show, with a pet section, an agriculture section, the usual rides etc, and the CWA Ladies had a great stall, where I bought a bottle of the best Persian Carrot Jam – it was so good, I am madly looking for the recipe.  Also bought some chutney, were both yummy !  Those CWA Ladies are great.  I remember the days when Mum was a member of the club in Dimbulah in North Queensland.  It was always a group of great cooks and crafties.  I think I will join the group in our next location.  Go CWA Ladies !!

Have a look at the CWA site and see their merchandise.  They have a great book on the history of CWA NT – Together  they also have things like teatowels, aprons, shopping bags, pens, cups and more that you can purchase from their site.  Certainly worth a look.  Here is a link to their site.

https://www.cwant.net/                                       Just give it a click and look around.







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