Jetstar gets the THUMBS DOWN for lack of communication !!!!! Precisely why it is best to pay the extra for Qantas flights!

Up early this morning, excited about an overseas trip.  All packed and geared up.

  • Miss Ellie care – organised
  • Carpark – organised
  • Work details – organised

Ready to go!

Arrived at the airport to catch the already rescheduled flight as per the message received from Jetstar.  They had to change the flight because there was some 10th year celebratory flight coming in.  Changed from 6.00 to 9.00 departure.  So lining up at 7.00, there were only 7 people in line, that’s a bit odd.

“Looks like we will be able to sit wherever we like on this flight – what a score!”

Along comes one of the airport staff, confirmed our destination, only to advise us that the flight was boarding as we were lining up……… NO, this can’t be happening !

“No, no, we have got that covered, we received texts advising that we were leaving at 9.00am, here is the text”

Somehow, they forgot to advise the customers who booked via the Qantas website, that there was another change in departure time, now leaving at 7.00am.  OOPS !!!  Only notified SOME passengers, NOT ALL !!  (At this time, the Qantas site, still had the departure time at 9.00am.)


No more flights until tomorrow, so because of the lack of services we now have to re arrange everything. Not Happy JETSTAR !!

Qantas have cut their flights so severely, we had no choice but to utilise the only flights available on the Dreaded Jetstar.

Oh, look at that, looks like Jetstar have finally advised Qantas about the changes!!  Can now see that the 9.00 flight was cancelled.  REALLY !!!!! How surprising !


So after letting everyone know, we are now leaving a day later.  We will need to change our return flights, car parking, house sitting, accommodation. Sounds to me like Jetstar is heading down the same track as Tiger Air.  Such a shame !

Hey, Qantas, stop dropping you flights all over the country !  Your customers are not happy about the lack of flights around the country!





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