Recipes from the Past.

RISSOLES  – from The Australian Convict Recipe Book


½ lb minced meat (250gm)          1 small onion chopped                               1 oz dripping (butter)

1 tab Plain Flour                            small amount of water/stock                    salt and pepper

1 dessertspoon  Worcestershire (2.5 teas)           breadcrumbs                    beaten egg


  • Fry mince until brown
  • Melt dripping and fry onions
  • Sprinkle with flour, add water/stock gradually
  • Mix with meat. Add seasoning.
  • Form into rissoles, coat with eggs, and crumbs.
  • Fry for 3 mins, turn out on paper.

“I add a spoon of homemade jam to my rissoles, and love it.”

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