Cinnamon Fungus Sprinkle on seedlings affected by damping off disease ( a fungus that proliferates in the damp seedling environment and attacks and kills the young stems and roots)
Garlic All insect pests Make a garlic plant spray by pureeing two bulbs of garlic.  Pour ½ cup boiling water over garlic, cover and steep overnight. Strain, put in a spray bottle  Spray the bottoms of leaves daily, every few days or once per week.
Orange and Banana Peels Ants and spiders Orange peels contain d-Limonene, which breaks down the waxy coating on ants and aphids and kills them.  Cut up peels and bury one to two inches deep in soil.  Alternatively scatter peels around stems or hand from branches.
Milk Mildew Milk equal parts with water and apply to tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and other plants to control mildew.
Apple Cider Vinegar Aphids and fruit flies Put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in a jar next to plants.  Aphids and fruit flies will be attracted. Fall in, and drown.
Hot Peppers or Ginger All insect pests (also deters rodents) Both contain capsaicin, which burns insects.  Combine 1 litre of water + 1 squirt of castile soap + 1 tab of cayenne pepper or ginger.  Try on a small portion of plant first.  Dilute further if it causes leaf damage.
Baking Soda Fungus Mix 3 tabs in a litre of water and put in spray bottle.  Spray plants every few days until fungus is gone.
Beer Snails and slugs Put a little beer in a shallow container and place it in the garden.  Slugs and snails crawl in, but cannot crawl out.
Castile Soap Aphids, spider flies, white flies Mix 5 tabs soap with 1 gallon of water.  Test on small portion.  If the solution damages the foliage, dilute further.
Eggshells Slugs, cutworms other insects Crushed egg shells and sprinkle them on top of the soil around the stems. Slugs, curworms and other insects are repelled by the sharp edges.und

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