The Old Ducks Club and loving it !

A Big Thank You to all who came to the dinner celebration.

A special thank you to the crew at Fullers Sports Club in Edmonton, Qld, who were super supportive and got everything set up for us.  Most of us played a game of Lawn Bowls before a beautiful dinner, then the Present Game after dinner.  I think a great night was had by all.

After our gathering of family and friends to celebrate my 60th birthday, we headed back for the return road trip.  OMG, it just got better!  There was rain while we were away and the outback just got prettier.  The trees were all green, the plants and grasses were standing upright, reaching to the skies, most of the critters were away from the roads, there were some instances of roadkill, but I guess it is a way for the birds to feed and for the circle of life to continue.

The trip was uneventful, the new vehicle went like a dream and we plugged along without too many stops, making it a short trip.  This way we can have a few days off, before the dreaded return to work.

It would be nice to have the fun tickets to take care of our bills, our entertainment, and keep us in the life to which we have become accustomed, and not have to put in the hours at our jobs.  I guess, someone just has to do it.  I am guessing that everyone wishes for the same thing.  Jobs seem to take up so much of our time.  I was reading that those in Australia who do go to work, spend more time at work than ever before.  It really is a shame, I think we should all have a look at our work / life choices.  Maybe it is because the cost of living is so very high in Australia, rents are high, food is expensive.  Personally, I think it is time for us all to go back to basics.

Get yourselves some chickens, grow your vegetables, fruit trees. Gone are the days of great, natural foods, where is it going, and where will it end?  Foods are being poisoned with fertilizers and enhancers, preservatives and additives.  We used things like the old chook poo, watered down of course.  I remember one time, when the circus was visiting our town, they tied the elephants up at the back of our house.  Score !!  I went out there with my wheel barrow, and collected some elephant pads, (one pad per load, I might add) watered them down and used them on the garden.  I will add, that my children were totally embarrassed with me and couldn’t believe that I went and collected elephant poo.

There are plenty of recipes for natural fertilizers that we should all be using, here are a few ideas.


Vinegar Fertilizer. Plain white vinegar is an inexpensive and effective fertilizer for acid-loving plants like roses, hydrangeas, and berries. Simply mix a tablespoon of vinegar in one gallon of water. Use this solution in lieu of your regular watering about once every three months.

  • Roses love Banana Peels.
  • Tomatoes, Blueberries, Roses and Azaleas, the acid loving plants, all love coffee grounds.
  • Tomatoes, and Peppers love Egg shells.

Seaweed, Molasses, Human Urine, Grass Clippings, Manure, Car and Dog Food, Worm Castings,  there are so many things that can be used to fertilize the garden.  It really is worth having a look around and seeing what others have tried, and give them a go yourselves.  Your plants will love it and you will fill the fridge and pantry with your produce.

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