After the rains ………………….

It is just amazing to see how much change just a few drops of rain do make. Some areas on our road trip showed the beauty of the usually black and brown environment. The exhibition of wildflowers and beautiful little showcases on the trees, all sent from the skies.
Scouting the ground level, the little shoots all show their bright and resilient tips that seem to be hiding away in wait for the few drops of rain to arrive.
The landscape comes to life with green and yellow.

Chamaecrista absus (Tropical Sensitive Pea)

Banksia Dentata (Tropical Banksia)

Grevillea Pluricaulis

Grevillea Pteridifolia (Silky Greveillea)


all standing up right and showing their beauty,
The abundance of wildlife usually hidden in whatever shade can be found, burrowing down out of the blazing sun, only appearing during the night hours, showing just how beautiful the outback can be.
Just like the old saying, “just add water.” The water from the sky is filled with nutrients and gives the soil its much needed boost. Just wonderful to witness!
Summers are very long all over Australia, the rains usually come after a lengthy period of very hot days, humidity to the max, people sweltering and looking to the skies for relief, the farmers waiting anxiously for the downpours which will provide water for the crops and dams, in preparation for the year ahead. Farming and grazing are hard work and very dependent on the weather, there doesn’t seem any rhyme or rhythm to what we can expect from Mother Earth. It is a bit like the Lotto, always a gamble.
If the weather seasons are what you are after, you will have to go the Southern States, but be aware, you can also expect to see the heat there, but you should also experience the other seasons. (If you are lucky). It has all become so very unpredictable, one never knows what you will get.

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