Not “Toad in A Hole”….. It’s a Queenslander ….. “Cane Toad in A Hole” !!

Sometimes we get all excited about a cook up, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen as you had pictured it to be.  Well, after seeing lots of pics of “Toad in a Hole”, and it looking so yummy on paper, tonight I gave it a go.  Well, disappointed, maybe because it turned into a dish resembling an ugly “Cane Toad in A Hole”. (could it be because we are Queenslanders?)  The snags tasted nice, but the mixture was thick and dense. I should have noted that, when I read it was advised to make a gravy to go with the dish, it might actually NEED it. Back to the drawing board, I will have to do a lot of work with that recipe !

My favourite pastime is checking out what others are doing with different recipes and dishes, updating their parents handed down recipes. Heston is great to watch, crazy guy he is! Gordon Ramsey though, is best, and seeing how he turns those basic restaurant recipes into show stoppers, resulting in successful restaurants. His manner is not for everyone, but he does get the job done.  Then, there is Jamie, he is pretty good too, he steers in a different direction but he is successful with how he goes.  He does make parents, schools and families think about their food and nutrition.

We were all very lucky growing up, we were encouraged to cook, experiment, and to enjoy different cuisines.  We lived in a very multicultural community and enjoyed a great variety of influences.  I remember the fabulous spaghetti from Mamma Cappo’s.  The family run restaurent was a centrepiece of our town.  Each and every member of the family took their turn and helped out.  They were well known in the town, and well loved by everyone.  During the school week, at lunch break, there was a steady stream of children moving through the town, to go to Cappo’s to buy lunch.  Fond memories!

My advice is to enjoy cooking, use good ingredients, and keep your minds open.  Cooking is fun, but enjoying the results is even better.  Take the time to set the table nicely, drag out that special dinner set, open a bottle of nice wine and enjoy the meal.

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