Boxing Day – Remembering the FAMILY

In some European countries, such as Romania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, 26 December is celebrated as a Second Christmas Day. It is also celebrated as Saint Stephen’s Day in Ireland and the Catolina  region of Spain.

After a day of family and cheer, it is time to settle down and prepare for the final event of the year, New Years Eve.  In our house, it will be a nice light evening meal of Roast Lamb and vegetables, a bottle of champagne, maybe followed with a Lemon Tapioca Dessert served with Custard. Maybe have a game of the new 007 Monopoly, kindly supplied by Santa, and then head into the New Year refreshed and ready for whatever is in store.  Unsure if we will see the New Year in or be passing those zzz’z along.

Friends come and go during our lives, there are only a select few in this world, who are FAMILY.  The job of this select group is to be there for each other, without judgement or agenda.  There are no rules to say that everyone must get on, it is rare that all siblings and family members in any family do, but when any serious event happens, your family should be there to go through this journey with you.  Relatives, should know that they always have a bed to rest their head, at any time, either as an emergency or simply for relaxation and visitation.  It is important to know that if that bed is needed, it is there without agenda or judgement. It is the responsibility of EVERY family member to make every effort to keep the family unit intact for future generations.  We siblings, mostly live in the same state, though not necessarily close to each other.  But it’s amazing to see how close we all remain.   The wonders of that daily phone call for no other reason other than to have a chat.  It is extra important to always leave any discussion with the outcome settled.  We never know just when the lights will be turned out forever, and there is no further settlement after that.  Other things may change in our lives, but we start as family and end as family.

At the end of the day, a FAMILY is created by LOVE.


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