No more work until next year. YIPPEE !!

That’s it for going to the office until next year!  We are  really looking forward to the break.  The heat at this time of year is so draining, and worse, no rain to speak of.   Christmas and New Year will come and go, then it will all start again, and before long, it will be as if they never happened.  Such is the cycle, I guess.  Fortunately, our memories keep all of these wonderful times alive.  It seems like a life time ago, that we went to Korea to catch up with Jake, must be thinking of a follow up trip!   We have wonderful memories of when we went to Denver to see Rachel, Will and the boys.  Our minds are really something to treasure, it doesn’t matter how long ago we do things, we can usually recall the fun times.  Keep your mind active and hopefully it will continue to serve up those wonderful memories. Christmas as a child was great, all around our long kitchen table, joined by family and friends.  Remembering it was mango and watermelon season, and we usually got some stone fruit from the South, it was the only time of the year that we had soft drink. After a special lunch, with the treats that we only had once a year, it was outside for a game of back yard cricket with everyone from around the neighbourhood joining in.  I remember our personally selected piece of material from the local drapery, which Mum would make up a dress for us. We were so happy with the new dresses, we thought we were in Heaven. Life was so much simpler, and though there wasn’t a lot of money around, we didn’t really miss out on anything.  We are the luckiest of all, because to this day, we are a big happy family, where family means everything.  Mum and Dad are long gone, but we have wonderful memories of our time, growing up in the country, where we could walk around safely, where people actually spoke to each other, where we didn’t have to lock our doors and windows.  Memories of schools, where students came and went with the seasons, following their working parents going to wherever the crops were growing at that time of year.  We met so many people, different people from different cultures and nationalities.  Everyone went to school or to work, we were so lucky.  We didn’t have to have the best house, in the best street, with the best furniture etc, etc.  We were happy with what we had.  There is nothing better than when we can all get together with family and friends, and share our childhood memories. Like our great friend, Jock, would say ” I wouldn’t be dead for quids”.