1. Create a slip knot in the yarn over one hook, as in pic 1,  be sure to leave a short tail of yarn following the knot. Pull to tighten a little.
  2. Hold the yarn in the hand opposite the hook, place your hook under -over – hook then pull it through.  You have completed a CHAIN STITCH.
  3. Complete a length of this.  Undo or pull apart, then repeat. Repeat this over and over until you feel comfortable with the hook.

A chain is the foundation of most projects.  For making squares or rugs, it is best to chain to the size of your desired project and work your chosen stitch up from there.

For this exercise, you can choose any size of hook with any size of wool.
If you have the chance, change the size of the hook and see the difference in the outcome. Then, change the size of the wool and see it changes again. You will see that the size of the wool and the size of the hook used, will make a difference to the outcome of your project.

Some crochet stitches require you to do a precise number of stitches to allow for a neat build of the design stitch.  For example some require you to do combinations of 6 +2, combinations of 4 +2 etc. This is usually advised when you first look at a pattern that you want to crochet.  Some shell stitches are combinations of 6 + 5.  Then your design is worked up on that foundation.  I recently completed a rug in shell design, here is a picture of the stitch used.





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